About Us

Prosper² is a leading provider of business and rewards solutions in the UK loyalty sector.Our expert team are passionate about building rewards programmes to help your business get outstanding results.

Our innovative rewards programme, Prosper² Rewards, is an ‘out of the box’ solution of choice for many businesses, both large and small, across the UK. Prosper² Rewards is easy to implement, use and manage. This means you can build sales, employee recognition and customer loyalty fast.

The Prosper² Rewards Portal, a propritory platform that integrates with our back-end CRM system and invoicing software, was developed from our headquarters in the Isle of Man. All of our systems are secure, cloud-based, fault tolerant and backed up both online and offline, providing excellent quality assurance.

In 2019 we expanded our operations and opened an office in London.

Other Prosper² businesses include :

Prosper Media
Prosper Business Club
Prosper Rewards